When taxpayers' money is used to subsidize private business, companies must be held accountable for creating family-wage jobs and other benefits for the community. We research and promote best practices.

Accountable Development

The worst subsidies are often special deals offered to single companies. Good Jobs First keeps an eye on corporations that frequently go to the public trough, and we critique the most egregious giveaways.

Corporate Subsidy Watch

Economic development needs to be sustainable as well as accountable. We monitor government efforts to promote the creation of green jobs to make sure that these are also good jobs.

Green Jobs

Suburban sprawl – and the harm it causes cities and workers – is often brought about by subsidies. Learn how smart-growth alternatives can create better jobs, expand commuter options and make communities more liveable.

Smart Growth for Working Families
  • The Golden State Gives Out the Gold

    California traditionally avoided the lavish subsidy packages that other states offer to large corporations to attract investment. In the Good Jobs First Megadeals report last year, there were only two California entries,...

  • What’s Wrong with ALEC’s Subsidy Critique

    At Good Jobs First we are normally pleased when another organization takes an interest in our issue and adds its voice to the campaign to end the wasteful subsidies given to corporations by state and local governments....

  • GE Receives Record Subsidy for Cincinnati, Ohio Operations Center

    Ohio and Cincinnati have agreed to give General Electric a record subsidy deal which will be mostly composed of its workers’ personal income taxes. ...