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Good Intentions vs. Effective Outcomes: An Analysis of Selected New Mexico Tax Incentives

Washington, DC, March 9, 2017—A study released today examining various tax incentives and tax accounting practices in New Mexico found that the state could gain more than $206 million per year by enacting safeguards common in other states. The study also finds that New Mexico lags behind most other states in making public relevant information about its tax incentive programs.


Study: Most Big Localities Still Fail to Disclose Tax-Break Recipients

More than half of the nation’s 50 biggest cities and counties still fail to disclose online even the names of the companies receiving property tax abatements or other costly economic development incentives. Even fewer report incentive-deal outcomes: Only 13 of the 50 localities disclose the number of actual jobs created by one of their key incentive programs.


Amid Talk of Deregulation, Database Documents the Obama Administration's Final Offensive Against Corporate Crime

While Washington is focused on deregulation, the country’s first database on corporate crime has documented the wave of cases against major companies resolved by the Obama Administration during its final weeks.


Amazon’s 100,000-Job Claim: Will Taxpayers Bankroll Retail Job Churn?

Amazon last week announced it will “create” 100,000 jobs as it rolls out Same-Day Delivery to customers throughout the country. While it’s great publicity after the company received negative tweets from the President-elect, taxpayer shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this represents net job creation in retailing.

Indeed, consider the long


Good Jobs First Issues Second Statement on Carrier Deal

December 5, 2016 --- Washington, DC-In response to a high volume of media inquiries and public comments and to President-Elect Trump's speech in Indianapolis, Good Jobs First executive director Greg LeRoy today issued a second statement regarding the announcement that Carrier Corp. will retain some jobs in Indiana.