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Why governments are giving billions in tax breaks to Apple, Amazon and other tech giants

By Jeremy C. Owens

State and local governments are seeding the cloud with billions in tax subsidies, but the companies receiving those gifts aren’t exactly making it rain with jobs in return, according to a nonprofit’s recent study.

Oregon and Washington offer top tax breaks to data centers, report finds

By Mike Rogoway

A study out Tuesday finds that Oregon and Washington offer some of the most lucrative tax breaks in the nation to large data centers.

Data center deals can hurt more than help, report finds

By Bruce Krasnow

The wealthiest technology companies in the United States are receiving generous subsidies from taxpayers for data centers, such as the one that Facebook plans to build in Los Lunas. But a study released Tuesday says communities aren’t likely to see enough economic benefits to justify the deals.

New York City's tax breaks: Do they work?

By Julissa Ferreras-Copeland

How do we know whether city programs to spur our economy actually work?

Last year New York City spent $2.8 billion on tax breaks designed promote economic development. These tax expenditures represented more of the people’s money than spending on Departments of Environmental Protection ($1.2 billion) and Sanitation ($1.5 billion) combined.

Meadowlands Mega-Mall Wins Bond-Market Subsidy It Long Coveted



New Jersey is on the brink of realizing the American Dream -- if the definition is a mega-mall in the middle of a marsh.

A state agency approved $1.2 billion of tax-exempt municipal bonds for Canadian developers Triple Five Worldwide. The company plans to complete a partially built “world-class destination” of shops, restaurants and entertainment attractions in the Meadowlands, 10 miles west of Manhattan, where previous developers ran out of money.