Violation Tracker Update Log

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Update Log and Blog Posts

February 20, 2017

blog summarizing additions to the site

added data from the following new agencies:
Drug Enforcement Administration (cases against pharmacy chains)
Employee Benefits Security Administration
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Federal Maritime Commission
Housing and Urban Development Department
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
Transportation Department Aviation Consumer Protection Division

updated all agencies through the beginning of February 2017

added archival links for those info sources that are individual documents


September 26, 2016

Dirt Diggers Digest blog post about the Violation Tracker expansion

September 25, 2016

added search features for offense types and parent ownership structure
increased parent universe to  2,165 companies

added data from the following new agencies:
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Health and Human Services Department Office of Inspector General
Interior Department Office of Natural Resources Revenue

went from selected to complete coverage of the following agencies:
Commodity Futures Trading Commission 
Securities and Exchange Commission

 updated data from other agencies already covered into Violation Tracker 2.0 

June 29, 2016

added link on User Guide page to a recording of a webinar on Violation Tracker 2.0

June 28, 2016

added data from the following new agencies and relabeled the site Violation Tracker 2.0:
Bureau of Industry and Security
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (selected cases)
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (selected cases)
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Reserve
Federal Trade Commission
Justice Department Antitrust Division
Justice Department Civil Rights Division
Justice Department Tax Division
National Credit Union Administration
Office of Foreign Assets Control
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Securities and Exchange Commission (selected cases)
Treasury Department Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

updated data for agencies already included in Violation Tracker 1.0
added Case Type search box
added ability to select more than one item in several Option 2 search dropdowns
added more info fields to EPA, MSHA and OSHA entries
added links to individual inspection records on the OSHA website

blog on new data 

June 23, 2016: Blog post on infrequent use of criminal charges

June 16, 2016: Blog post on foreign bribery cases

June 9, 2016: Blog post on price-fixing cases

December 3, 2015: Blog post on major violators that remain members of ALEC

November 19, 2015: Blog post on violations relating to toy safety

November 12, 2015: Blog post on violations relating to different forms of oil transport

November 5, 2015: Blog post on top OSHA violators and their labor practices