Accountable Development

An Overview of Accountable Development

Good Jobs First is a national clearinghouse for research and information on accountable development. We offer tools and resources for activists, researchers, legislators, journalists, and anyone seeking to unearth information on development deals and to push for more accountable development practices. To learn more, please explore this section of our website, which includes the following:

Beginners Guide - New to the issues? Go here for an introduction to economic development, subsidies, and accountability.

Researcher’s Guide - An activist's guide to understanding the lingo and processes of economic development and researching development deals in your area.

Key Reforms (Disclosure, Clawbacks, etc.) - A guide to nine legislative reforms and organizing strategies that can and have made subsidies more accountable.

Model Legislation - Good Jobs First's template bill for subsidy reform, as well as links to laws on the books in several states.

Data - See our Subsidy Tracker database and our MEGADEALS report for the most comprehensive company-specific information on subsidy recipients.

Publications - Reports by Good Jobs First and our allies, links to primary source material, and more.

Opportunity Zones - How they started, what they are, what to know.

Tax Increment Financing - Find information about one of the nation's most popular economic development subsidies.