Texas Trouble … and the Trouble (still) with Opportunity Zones

Happy nearly summer, Good Jobs First friends. This is Arlene, with a much overdue update on what we at Good Jobs First have been up to this very busy spring.
Let’s start with some huge news out of Texas, where a massive corporate subsidy program is now on track to expire next year. The program is called Chapter 313, and an explosive Houston Chronicle series (paywalled!) found how little Texans get from a program over $1 billion per year.


Wanted: Research Analyst to Track Federal Pandemic $$$

Good Jobs First is a 23-year-old non-profit research center based in Washington, DC. GJF focuses on government and corporate accountability and now seeks a research analyst to work on its Covid Stimulus Watch project.


5 Questions with Joel Bakan: Ending Corporations’ Strangehold on Society

In 2004, Joel Bakan wrote a book about the dangerous grip corporations hold over people and institutions, and how government has aided and abetted their dominance. “The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power” was published in over 20 languages and inspired the acclaimed film, “The Corporation."
Now he’s back with a new book, “The New Corporation: How ‘Good’ Corporations are Bad for Democracy.”


It’s Time for Amazon to Start Paying US to Locate in Our Communities

Amazon's gotten more than $4 billion in public subsidies, including $855.5 million since the start of 2020, as the pandemic began its devastation. But we don't have to be passive bystanders - we can force Amazon to pay.


5 Questions with Tom Speaker: New York Breaks Up With Opportunity Zones

Reinvent Albany, a nonprofit that advocates for transparent, accountable, effective New York government, recently celebrated a major victory when the State Assembly voted to decouple from federal Opportunity Zone tax breaks. Policy Analyst Tom Speaker talked to Good Jobs First about why this is such a big deal.