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Reporters' Tip: Amazon & Retail Job Churn

In response to many inquiries we have received since releasing our study, Will Amazon Fool Us Twice?, about aggressive subsidy-gathering behavior by the online retail giant (and to mark Amazon's made-up "Prime Day"), Good Jobs First issued a WARN Act tip for reporters on how to add additional context to's claim of "creating" 100,000 jobs.


Georgia Whiffs, Bernalillo County Homers on Tax-Break Disclosures!

As states and localities finally start to disclose how much revenue they lose to corporate welfare (thanks to GASB Statement 77*), we continue to see laggards and leaders.


Today we spotlight Georgia (which has failed to comply, claiming taxpayer confidentiality for numbers that have long been public) and Bernalillo


GASB 77 Data: Starting to Make Headlines -- Or Not

As we approach the first tsunami of GASB Statement 77 Tax Abatement Disclosure* data, Good Jobs First is already seeing some big differences in data quality from various states. Of special interest is Statement 77's requirement that governments report the tax revenue they lose passively, as the result of


Investigating Those 238 Bids for Amazon's HQ2

There's a terrific new resource to facilitate investigative journalism and citizen activism on those 238 Amazon HQ2 project bids!

We encourage everyone interested to visit and utilize MuckRock's website:

That page includes a list of more than 100 Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIAs) MuckRock has filed with local


A GASB 77 Tale of Two States

With new government financial reports arriving daily, we’ve been busy collecting GASB 77 subsidy data and posting it in our new Subsidy Tracker 2 database.

We are also taking note of trends and contrasts in transparency reporting. One of the most interesting contrasts involves the reporting of passive loss data