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First-ever binding end to a border war: Missouri-Kansas

By Kenny Thomas

August 2, 2019

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has just signed an executive order that prohibits state subsidies being used to move existing Missouri firms in four Missouri counties to three Kansas counties, which together make up the Kansas City metropolitan area. Unlike previous voluntary no-raiding deals,


GASB 77 Update: Second Year’s Disclosures Again Uneven

By Christine Wen


July 17, 2019


As Good Jobs First readers know, a new government accounting rule called GASB Statement 77 on Tax Abatement Disclosures took effect in 2016/FY 2017, so we are now getting the second year of new disclosures. For the first time ever, most governments


Remembering Larry Hanley, a community organizer disguised as a labor leader

The recent passing of Larry Hanley, International President of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), is far more than a great loss for his union’s 200,000 members. It’s a setback for transit advocacy, environmentalism, grassroots organizing and progressive politics.


Employer Payouts in Background-Check Class Actions Top $170 Million

Washington, DC, June 19, 2019--A new compilation of court records finds that over the past decade employers have paid out $174 million to resolve class-action lawsuits alleging that they violated federal rules governing the use of background-check reports on job applicants. Companies providing those reports have paid out another $152 million when they have been sued directly.


Retirement-Plan Class Action Payouts by Large Corporations Top $6 Billion

A new compilation of court records finds that large corporations have paid out $6.2 billion in class-action lawsuits in which employees claimed that the companies acted improperly in the administration of their 401(k) or defined-benefit pension or retiree health plans. That’s the total of 201 settlements and verdicts since the