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Top three gun manufacturers have received more than $105 million in subsidies

Subsidy amounts updated on August 5, 2019

Posted: October 2, 2017

While the country mourns yet another mass-shooting, little attention is being paid to the fact that the companies producing the weapons are being subsidized by taxpayers. The nation’s top three gun manufacturers have received more than $105 million in


Now Available: GJF's Newest Subsidy Tracker 2 Database for GASB 77 Data,

51 State-Specific “Roadmaps” Also Issued 
Good Jobs First Announces “Subsidy Tracker 2”

to Collect New GASB Statement 77 Tax Abatement Data


Washington, DC, September 27, 2017— Good Jobs First today announced “Subsidy Tracker 2” – a new online database for tax-break spending records issued thanks to GASB


New York is First State to Report GASB 77 Subsidy Data

September 29, 2017


Hundreds of local governments have already reported their tax revenue losses associated with corporate subsidies. In late July, the State of New York became the first state to do so, in their Basic Annual Report, a publication that precedes the state’s more comprehensive CAFR report


Good Jobs First Issues Statement on Amazon Headquarters Announcement

Good Jobs First executive director Greg LeRoy made the following statement concerning's announced search for a second corporate headquarters location.


"Taxpayers should watch their wallets as the trophy deal of the decade attracts politicians to a hyper-sophisticated tax-break auction. We fear that many states and localities will offer


How TIFs in St. Louis are Reinforcing the Racial Divide

by Jeremy Moses

Over the past few years, controversy around tax increment financing in St. Louis has been increasingly prominent in local politics. In the mayoral race earlier this year, each candidate put forward his or her own proposal for reform, in response to a growing consensus that incentives are