The GASB 77 Chronicles: Good Jobs First’s Commentaries as GASB Statement No. 77 Takes Effect

11/7/17: GASB 77 Data: Starting to Make Headlines! -- Or Not


7/20/17: Early GASB 77 Disclosure: One Hot Mess (includes data on the four highest disclosures to date)


6/21/17:  Why Public Officials Should Embrace GASB 77 (Guest Column for Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene’s B & G Report)


6/14/17: Early Tax Abatement Disclosures Under GASB 77: Incomplete, Mislabeled—and Occasionally Spectacular (Published in Bloomberg BNA – overview of early GASB 77 reporting)


5/25/17:  Finally, Sonar for “Budget Icebergs”  (What to expect from first-time tax abatement disclosure requirement.)


5/17/17: New Mexico Leads the Way on GASB Statement No. 77 (The State’s Auditor is requiring all bodies of local government to provide data on subsidy costs as well as the names of subsidy recipients. His office will compile the data electronically and publish it online. New Mexico is the only state to have announced such plans.)


5/11/17: Birmingham (AL) Goes Above and Beyond in New Subsidy Reporting Rules (Birmingham released its data a year early and named names of subsidy recipients.)


5/1/17: New Tax-Break Sunshine Rule Clarified: Some TIF, Other Tax Incentives Covered; Ohio Auditor Yost Apparently Corrected (Newly issued GASB implementation guide challenges advice given by Ohio State Auditor to Columbus City Auditor.)


5/1/17:  Good Jobs First Lauds Accounting Board Clarifying Tax Break Sunshine Rule (GASB’s new implementation guide clarifies that pay-as-you-go TIFs are reportable under GASB 77)


4/20/17:  Good Jobs First Cites Problems with Columbus (OH) Tax Abatement Disclosures (Columbus OH was an early reporter of GASB 77 data; what it deemed a reportable tax abatement raised eyebrows.)


3/8/17: Most Big Localities Still Fail to Disclose Tax-Break Recipients (Good Jobs First’s second analysis of subsidy disclosure among 50 largest local governments.)


1/27/17: 2017: A Landmark Year for Transparency on State and Local ‘‘Corporate Welfare’’ (Published in Bloomberg BNA)


1/4/17: Disclosing the Costs of Corporate Welfare (published by The American Prospect)


10/3/16:  It is late 2016: Do you know where your state is on GASB 77 corporate welfare data?


8/25/16: New government data to reveal how tax breaks for businesses leave K-12 school funding out to dry.