Press Releases


27 January 2022--Violation Tracker UK, the first comprehensive database of corporate regulatory infringements in the United Kingdom, today posted the first update of its dataset. Covering the three months since the resource was introduced in October 2021, the update adds 2,500 new cases with monetary penalties totaling £605 million.


West Virginia residents will be footing the bill for the $1.7 billion handout to steelmaker Nucor Corporation, while the project is likely to benefit hundreds of workers who reside in Ohio and Kentucky. That’s the consensus from four economic policy watchdog groups spanning the region.


Johnson & Johnson paid $2.5 billion in damages to a group of women who claimed they developed ovarian cancer for using the company’s talcum powder. Stryker Corp. paid $1.425 billion to cover the costs of settling claims it was peddling defective metal hip replacement parts. These are just a couple of examples of actions in an arena in which corporations are held accountable for causing harm to their customers: product liability lawsuits. These kinds of court cases are the latest category of class-action and multi-district litigation to be added to Good Jobs First’s popular corporate misconduct database, Violation Tracker.


A group of organizations from across the political spectrum today applauded the introduction of the Honesty in Economic Development Act in Illinois (SB 3038) sponsored by Sen. Robert Peters and Rep. Will Guzzardi. The bill would ban non-disclosure agreements (NDA) in economic development deals, eliminating a tactic that allows businesses to hide their lobbying and muzzle politicians and government staffers as the firms extract public subsidies from the government without the knowledge or input of local residents.


Good Jobs First today revealed that, Inc. has located at least 171 of its newest or soon-to-open warehouses in Opportunity Zones (OZs), where they may create huge capital gains tax breaks for Amazon and/or other investors. It is part of a massive pandemic-fueled expansion by the online giant, which grew from 473 sites from the end of 2019 to 1,237 by December 2021.