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Good Jobs First is hiring a Project Coordinator to Lead our Work on “Defending the Public Against Corporate Tax Breaks.”
Plus: as EV makers land megadeals, a Forbes contributor urges: Don’t be like Tesla

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South Carolina’s public schools reported $534 million in revenues lost to corporate tax abatements in FY 2021, an increase of 65% compared to just four years earlier. In the five years such reporting has been required, South Carolina schools have lost a total of $2.2 billion.


Good Jobs First Executive Director Greg LeRoy issued the following statement about a $1.5 economic development subsidy package announced this week by the State of Georgia for an unproven electric vehicle company – Rivian.


All but two states disclose company-specific data online about their economic development incentive awards, but few states disclose very well or consistently across programs. Over time, some states have greatly improved their transparency practices, consistent with public expectations about open government. However, too many states still fail to disclose at all or fail to disclose critical information such as actual jobs created.


Electric, gas and telecommunications companies in California have paid far more in penalties for consumer protection and safety violations than utilities in any other state, accounting for more than half of the $13 billion in fines and settlements since 2000 in the country as a whole.