Press Releases


Good Jobs First, of the United States, and the Transparency Task Force, of the United Kingdom, today announced that funding has been secured for the construction of Violation Tracker U.K., a comprehensive database on corporate misconduct modeled on Violation Tracker, the U.S. database launched by Good Jobs First in 2015.


There are striking differences in the way state regulatory agencies enforce laws meant to protect the environment, reveals a new report based on an unprecedented compilation of data from 104 government bodies.


The just-passed $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan offers exciting provisions to rein in corporate subsidies! Plus: CARES Act updates and we talk transparency during this sunny #SunshineWeek.


A South Carolina tire factory owned by a global corporation received a substantial loan from the Small Business Administration for pandemic relief while many genuinely small businesses — especially those owned by people of color and women — were unable to access the program. Despite the generous loan, Giti Tire furloughed all of its workers for about one month and many workers were laid off permanently, according to a new study.


The arrival of Amazon coming to town often excites elected officials and Chambers of Commerce representatives, who gush over how it will lift up workers and boost the regional economy. But beyond the breathless press releases and equally excitable media write-ups, there’s a bigger story to tell about the full impact Amazon has on a community.