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National advocacy groups and state activists, backed by legislative sponsors at the state level, rallied at the State Capitol in support of a new ban on subsidies for Amazon and other e-commerce warehouse and logistics facilities.


Washington, DC — On the 10th anniversary of, Inc.’s voracious effort to get public subsidies to advantage its growth, Good Jobs First today called on state and local leaders to immediately quit giving tax breaks to the retail giant.

02/09/2022, the $1.4 trillion tech juggernaut and notorious tax-dodger, is not only vying for more consumers’ dollars, it also aggressively seeks taxpayers’ money. The full report by UNI Global Union and Good Jobs First, is entitled's Hidden Worldwide Subsidies.


27 January 2022--Violation Tracker UK, the first comprehensive database of corporate regulatory infringements in the United Kingdom, today posted the first update of its dataset. Covering the three months since the resource was introduced in October 2021, the update adds 2,500 new cases with monetary penalties totaling £605 million.


West Virginia residents will be footing the bill for the $1.7 billion handout to steelmaker Nucor Corporation, while the project is likely to benefit hundreds of workers who reside in Ohio and Kentucky. That’s the consensus from four economic policy watchdog groups spanning the region.