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Like every huge megadeal, this would be a very risky ‘too many eggs in one basket’ giveaway that would shift the tax burden onto small businesses and working families while benefiting Amazon shareholders, the vast majority of whom do not reside in Maryland.

The big winners in such a deal would be Virginia and the District of Columbia. They would pay nothing but each would gain a large share of the jobs. West Virginia, Pennsylvania and even Delaware would provide job-takers.


Washington, DC, February 13, 2018—Federal penalties imposed on the largest U.S. companies for all kinds of misconduct fell sharply during the first 12 months of the Trump administration, with combined fines and settlements dropping to a fraction of the levels seen during the Obama Administrations. The Fortune 100 list of the very largest publicly traded U.S. corporations paid $1.1 billion in penalties to federal regulatory agencies and the Justice Department during Trump’s first year, compared to an annual average of more than $17 billion during the Obama years.


Washington, DC--Good Jobs First executive director Greg LeRoy made the following statement concerning’s announcement of a 20-site “short list” for its second headquarters, or “HQ2,” location.


The latest addition to Violation Tracker, the country’s first public database of corporate crime and misconduct, includes more than 1,000 cases handled by U.S. Attorney’s Offices around the country since 2000.


Washington, DC — Good Jobs First today announced an update to its Subsidy Tracker database that adds 57,000 new entries with a total value of more than $14 billion.