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Washington, DC, July 26, 2017--In response to media reports that President Donald Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will announce a large subsidy package for Foxconn late this afternoon, Good Jobs First's executive director Greg LeRoy issued the following statement:


Washington, DC, June 27, 2017—Subsidy Tracker, the nation’s only public and free database of economic development incentive awards, today introduced a new feature that allows the user to display summary data for more than 10,000 different localities across the country.


Washington, DC, June 14, 2017—The latest addition to Violation Tracker, the country’s first public database of corporate crime and misconduct, includes 3,000 back pay awards made by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in unfair labor practice cases since the beginning of 2010.


New Tax-Break Sunshine Rule Clarified: Some TIF, Other Tax Incentives Covered; Ohio Auditor Yost Apparently Corrected

Washington, DC—Good Jobs First today lauded the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) for its new guidance on how localities and states should disclose economic development tax breaks.

The logic of the guidance also seems to cover tax diversions and tax rebates common in other Ohio incentive programs.  (See the Guide here, at Question 4.40.)

GASB’s guidance supports Good Jobs First’s criticism last week of Columbus Ohio for failing to report at least three tax-break programs as tax abatements in its 2016 financial report. The guidance also appears to correct official advice issued to local governments by Ohio State Auditor David Yost.