REPORT: South Carolina schools lost $2 billion to corporate tax breaks


Text says "Where's the money? SC schools losing money because of corporate tax breaks"
Source: WCNC Charlotte, S.C.

SOUTH CAROLINA, USA — A new report by Good Jobs First found South Carolina schools lost out on $2.2 billion over the last five years that instead went toward corporate tax breaks. The nonprofit research group found no other state reported more lost school tax revenue to corporations than South Carolina.

"It really infuriates me as a teacher that you say you can't afford to give me a raise or you can't afford to fix the air conditioning in a county, yet you give a company millions of dollars to come into our state to set up shop, but you don't take care of the people that are taking care of your children," South Carolina Education Association President Sherry East told WCNC. "We're giving away the money to these companies that are moving here and they're not paying a portion of their taxes that would normally go into the school revenue."

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