Good Jobs First Subsidy News


In Arizona, as is the case in states across the country, thriving, affluent areas are among the recipients of a tax break designed to drive investment to economically depressed communities.


"Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders on Thursday slammed Amazon and its chairman at a hearing on the company’s labor practices as he pushed the White House to end government contracts for the retailer," Reuters reports. Good Jobs First Executive Director Greg LeRoy testified during the hearing.


“The state can never break even. There’s no way that the average worker in this place is going to pay $200,000 more in state and local taxes.”


Good Jobs First Executive Director Greg LeRoy will testify Thursday during a U.S. Senate Budget Committee hearing about the link between's labor practices and its federal government contracts titled: “Should Taxpayer Dollars Go to Companies that Violate Labor Laws?”


Bloomberg Tax wrote about a new Good Jobs First that looked at major economic development programs across the nation. The report is "FINANCIAL EXPOSURE: Rating the States on Economic Development Transparency."