Good Jobs First Subsidy News


By Steve Harrison, The Charlotte Observer

Charlotte has an ambitious program to spend tax dollars to land new jobs. But when it comes to revealing information about its incentive programs, the city gets a failing grade, according to a national study.

The Washington D.C.-based group, Good Jobs First, ranked the nation’s 50 largest cities on how much they share with the public about their economic incentive programs.


By James T. Madore, Newsday

Two industrial development agencies on Long Island are among the nation’s most transparent government agencies that award tax breaks to businesses, thanks to reporting requirements from New York State, according to a report to be released Wednesday.


By Jessica Lyons Hardcastle, Environmental Leader

Major companies racked up more than $20 billion in enforcement costs for environmental, health and safety and other violations between Election Day and Donald Trump’s inauguration.

This, according to Violation Tracker, a database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First, that first launched in 2015.


Corporations have learned to game the tax incentive system

By Chris Tomlinson, Houston Chronicle

Amazon is building warehouses across the United States to develop its own delivery infrastructure to guarantee next-day delivery.

So why have state and local governments given Amazon $241 million to build facilities that they couldn't build anywhere else?



A national economic development expert argues that Nevada shouldn’t have helped Amazon build a fulfillment center in North Las Vegas, which is slated to open next summer.