Good Jobs First Subsidy News


Greg LeRoy talked to CounterSpin about #EndAmazonSubsidies, a campaign that marks the 10-year anniversary of when Amazon opened an office specifically to go after public subsidies. The show digs into why Amazon's aggressive tax avoidance strategies are so damaging to communities.


Spas and casinos were prohibited developments under the federal Opportunity Zones program, designed to drive investment in struggling communities. But a Las Vegas OZ project, a luxury boutique hotel, has both, writes Dana Gentry in the Nevada Current.


Focusing on distressed communities does more to solve inequities than blindly dispensing aid, and the benefits of targeting job creation efforts on them are four times those of similar efforts focused on booming places, write Tim Bartik and Kathleen Bolter in Governing.


GM is getting over $1 billion in public subsidies from Michiganders for promises of electric vehicle investments - but an analysis by The Guardian found the money comes with few protections for taxpayers. GM must only create 3,200 jobs compared to the 4,000 jobs it publicly stated, a memo obtained by the media outlet found, and if it closes within a few years it still gets to keep most of the money.


The Times Union spent six months investigating the poorly performing horse racing industry, finding that it would not exist without massive subsidies by taxpayers, who are offsetting its losses to the tune of millions per year.