Good Jobs First Subsidy News


Using Violation Tracker, a new report shows people who earn low wages are also far more likely to encounter dangerous or illegal conditions.


With the help of Good Jobs First's Violation Tracker, The Sacto Politico found that during the 2019-20 election cycle, "California’s 53-member delegation to the U.S. House accepted $14.6 million in campaign donations from 420 heavily fined parent corporations and subsidiaries."


Under Armour's proposed headquarters, part of a massive 235-acre development along Baltimore's waterfront, is drawing fresh criticism as it moves to break ground -- skeptics wonder if it will leave residents on the hook to pay for debt service if its fails to meet sky-high expectations.


Good Jobs First started in 1998 to track economic development incentives and push for better government and corporate accountability. Blue Tent profiled the organization, which in 2020 launched Covid Stimulus Watch to track pandemic-related spending. It's one of four major databases GJF runs. "Disclosure is crucial to reform," Executive Director Greg LeRoy says.


Amazon has been quietly cutting deals in and around Chicago since 2015, winning tax breaks and public incentives to build 36 warehouses...To help pay for its vast expansion, the company and its developers have won at least $741 million in taxpayer-funded incentives in northeast Illinois alone.