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Foxconn's lavish promises to Wisconsin residents seemed too good to be true, and they've turned out that way. But residents hoping for some redemption were dealt another blow when Foxconn announced its foray into automobile manufacturing would happen in Ohio.


The Financial Times wrote about what is shaping up to be one of Amazon's most lucrative years yet for receiving taxpayer-funded subsidies. Amazon's more than $650 million haul comes as the company scores new records for profits, as the pandemic temporarily shuttered brick-and-mortar businesses and more people went online to shop.


With the assistance of Violation Tracker data, new research shows that anonymous company reviews written by employees could be used to predict corporate misconduct and potentially head it off.


Corporate misconduct increases when local newspapers close down, a new study using Violation Tracker data has found.


Motherboard senior staff writer Lauren Kaori Gurley wrote about successful community efforts, led by members of the Teamsters labor union, to block Amazon's ruthless, grow-at-all costs strategy. She writes:
"This summer, communities around the United States have been declaring stunning victories in struggles to block Amazon warehouse projects in their cities and reject tax breaks that the tech giant demands from the localities and states where it opens facilities."