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New Jersey is on the brink of realizing the American Dream -- if the definition is a mega-mall in the middle of a marsh.



Two state-affiliated development corporations at the center of a federal corruption probe operated for years without rules commonly used by government agencies to promote competition, discourage favoritism and get the best deal for taxpayers when choosing companies to do business with.


By Matt Krantz

You're supposed to be able to trust your bank. But multimillion-dollar settlements, tens of thousands of customer complaints and class-action lawsuits make that tough.


By Len Boselovic

Pennsylvania taxpayers are providing $1.65 billion in incentives for Shell’s Beaver County ethane cracker plant, but they will have to share benefits generated by the project with other states, according to an expert on government subsidies who spoke Friday at Carnegie Mellon University.


Tony Cook, The Indianapolis Star

As Donald Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence is campaigning for a man who has promised to penalize companies that ship jobs overseas.

But since Pence became governor in 2013, the state has awarded millions of dollars in economic development incentives to companies that have moved production to foreign countries such as Mexico and China. Those production shifts have cost thousands of Hoosiers their jobs during Pence’s time in office.