Subsidy Research Toolkit


Good Jobs First Subsidy Research Toolkit

Researching Subsidies to Specific Companies
Subsidy Tracker database
MEGADEALS addition to Subsidy Tracker
Index of Key Deals featured on Accountable USA state pages
Corporate Subsidy Watch case studies of companies and industries
Wal-Mart Subsidy Watch (separate site created by Good Jobs First)
Good Jobs New York Database of Deals (New York City only)
Bibliography of subsidy reports on specific companies and industries

Researching Subsidy Practices/Programs of State Governments
Accountable USA state pages
Overview of key subsidy reforms
Model legislation for subsidy disclosure
Overview of job-creation and other performance requirements in major programs
Overview of job-quality (wage and benefit) requirements in major programs
Overview of clawbacks and other penalty provisions in major programs

Locating Official Disclosure Websites
Links to websites with data on subsidy recipients
Links to websites with compliance data for subsidy programs
Overview of disclosures on hidden taxpayer costs in state healthcare programs

Research Guides
Subsidy research guide
Guide to strategic corporate research (on website of our affiliate, the Corporate Research Project)