Useful Websites

Accountable Development Websites

In addition to the resources linked on our Accountable Development web pages, we recommend visiting our allies’ websites.

Area Development magazine deals with "site and facility planning."

BNA Tax Management. Articles and analysis about state and federal taxes.

Business Facilities magazine calls itself "the location advisor."

"Corporate Welfare Shame Page." Compiles articles and analysis about current "corporate welfare"

Council of Development Finance Agencies homepage; resources on tax-exempt bonds and TIF.

Development "the site selector's portal for community information."

Economic and Business Geography Learning Web: a web-based resource for materials developed by University of Washington professor Gunter Krumme.

Expansion Management "marries the informational needs of qualified site location executives with the marketing ambitions of economic development organizations."

Field of Schemes is the companion website to Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money Into Private Profit (Common Courage Press), by Joanna Cagan and Neil deMause. Since 1998, the authors have been casting a critical eye on the roughly $2 billion a year in public subsidies that go toward building new professional sports facilities.

Global Direct Investment Solutions. A list of location consultants with links to their webpages:

HUD's Community Renewal Initiative homepage:

HUD User Policy Development and Research Information Service

HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt bond community. A collection of resources about tax exempt bonds.

International Economic Development Council homepage: a non-profit membership organization for economic developers.

International Economic Development Council consultant search.

National Employment Law Project’s Living Wage Resource Center: a clearinghouse for information on local living wage ordinances

Site Selection is a leading journal of the site-location industry and the publisher of features such as the Top Deals of the Year.

Site Selection's Archived Blockbuster Deal of the Week: "Profiles of corporate real estate's multimillion-dollar blockbusters, the facility location projects avidly courted by area economic developers around the world."

Site Selection's Archived Incentives Deal of the Month: Highlights of Site Selection magazine plus spotlighted incentive deals.

Site Selection's Archived Project Watch: "Capsule looks at recent new facilities, expansions and developments that are emerging on the ever-changing landscape that makes up the global real estate industry."

State Tax Central: "The only thing you need to know about state taxes." A resource for details on state taxes including extensive frequently asked questions sections.

Tax Analysts: home of State Tax Notes and State Tax Today.

Tax Incentives Alert is a monthly newsletter billed as "the corporate tax executive's guide to identifying and capturing tax savings that go straight to the bottom line."


Smart Growth for Working Families Websites

In addition to the resources linked on our Smart Growth for Working Families web pages, we recommend visiting our allies’ websites.

Big-Box Reuse: How communities are reusing abandoned big-box stores, with photos.

Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI)

Bureau of Transportation Statistics: Analysis on mass transportation usage and trends.

Center for Neighborhood Technology.

Center for Transit-Oriented Development.

Center for Transportation Excellence Recent Reports and News.

Cyburbia: a portal for urban planning.

Deadmalls: a resource for information and examples of abandoned malls.

Demographia: a collection of articles and analysis on various smart growth issues.

Land and People is a free publication of The Trust for Public Land, which focuses on land preservation issues.

Local Government Commission Energy Information Clearinghouse. A resource for community leaders on policy guidelines and practical tools for the use of energy which is affordable and sustainable and least harmful to the environment.

National Transit Database: a collection of statistics and reports.

National Transportation Library: "a virtual library for the transportation community."

The New Rules Project: a website dedicated to information on "new localism," a form of smart growth planning.

Planning is the journal of the American Planning Association, a scholarly publication which deals with smart growth issues like affordable housing, urban design, and preservation.

Smart Communities Network: The U.S. Department of Energy's extensive website about sustainable development.

Smart Growth Online, a service of the Smart Growth Network, a partnership of the EPA and several non-profit and government organizations.

Sprawl-Busters: "an international clearinghouse on big-box anti-sprawl information."

Sprawl Watch clearinghouse: a comprehensive list of smart growth resources broken down into categories like Superstore Sprawl and Small Town Decline.

Surface Transportation Policy Partnership: a collection of reports from a broad coalition of smart growth partners.

Transportation Research Board Cooperative Research Programs: final reports on cooperative research findings.