Sources for Deal Profiles


 ThyssenKrupp (2007)

Key Sources: Jacquetta White, “German Steel Firm Looking Away Down South,” New Orleans Times-Picayune, February 11, 2007; Brian Lyman, “House Passes Big Tax Break,” Mobile Register, April 27, 2007; Kim Chandler, “Record Incentives will Pay Off, Riley Says,” Birmingham News, May 12, 2007; Sebastian Kitchen and Dan Murtaugh, “Incentives to Steelmaker Break State Record,” Mobile Register, May 12, 2007; “Payment breakdown,” Mobile Register, May 15, 2007; Kaiji Wilkinson, “Port Authority Approves Bid for $50M in Terminal Bonds,” Mobile Register, June 25, 2008; Jeff Amy, “ThyssenKrupp to Start Production,” Mobile Register, July 18, 2010; Jeff Amy, "Incentives Pass $1B for ThyssenKrupp Plant," Mobile Register, April 28, 2011. Katherine Sayre, "ThyssenKrupp may sell Mobile mill," Birmingham News, May 16, 2012. Michael Finch II, “ThyssenKrupp no more, Calvert steel processing plant gets a new name after acquisition,”, February 28, 2014.

Mercedes-Benz (1993)

Key Sources: Helene Cooper and Glenn Ruffenbach, “Alabama’s Winning of Mercedes Plant Will Be Costly, With Major Tax Breaks,” Wall Street Journal, September 30, 1993; Jerry Underwood, “Some Fear Alabama Paid Too Dear a Dowry to Woo Plant,” Birmingham News, September 30, 1993; E.S. Browning and Helene Cooper,” Ante Up: States’ Bidding War Over Mercedes Plant Made for Costly Chase,” Wall Street Journal, November 24, 1993; Allen R. Myerson, “O Governor, Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes Plant?” New York Times, September 1, 1996; Ted Pratt, “Will Vance Unionize?” Birmingham News, July 30, 1999; Jerry Underwood and Michel Tomberlin, “Consultant Hired to Fight UAW Drive at Mercedes,” Birmingham News, September 2, 1999; “Alabama Business Group Drops Campaign Fighting Efforts to Organize Mercedes Plant,” BNA Labor Relations Week, September 15, 1999; Lindsay Chappell, “Star Power Naysayers Scoffed at the Astronomical Incentives Package Used to Bring Mercedes to Alabama, But Who’s Laughing Now,” Birmingham News, August 27, 2000; Russell Hubbard, “Incentives’ Price Tag,” Birmingham News, August 29, 2000; Rick Brooks, “Buying Jobs: How Big Incentives Won Alabama a Piece of the Auto Industry,” Wall Street Journal, April 3, 2002; Roy L. Williams, “Machinists, UAW After Mercedes in Vance,” Birmingham News, April 23, 2006; Russell Hubbard, “Mercedes to Get New Tax Breaks,” Birmingham News, March 21, 2009; Dawn Kent, “Mercedes Bulks Up Its Body Shop,” Birmingham News, August 27, 2010; Dawn Kent, "Mercedes to Invest $2 Billion More in Vance," Birmingham News, July 21, 2011.

Honda (1999)

Key Sources: Michael Tomberlin and Ted Pratt, “State Wins Honda,” Birmingham News, May 5, 1999; Michael Tomberlin, Russell Hubbard and David White, “Honda Plant: $450 million,” Birmingham News, May 6, 1999; Jay Reeves, “Honda Gets $95 million Less in Incentives than Mercedes,” Associated Press, May 7, 1999; Ted Pratt and Roy Williams, “Union Targets Honda Workers,” Birmingham News, May 12, 1999; Patricia Dedrick, “Incentives for 2nd Honda Line Cost Less Per Job than Other Auto Projects,” Birmingham News, July 11, 2002; Roy L. Williams, “Honda Starts Plant Expansion,” Birmingham News, October 30, 2002; Roy L. Williams, “Honda to Pay Lincoln Workers $1.2 million, Change Uniform Rule,” Birmingham News, January 4, 2003; Mike Cason, “Honda in Lincoln: Five Years Later,” Birmingham News, May 6, 2004; Roy L. Williams, UAW Push Revs Up at Lincoln Auto Plant,” Birmingham News, August 16, 2007; Dawn Kent, “Honda to Slash Output in Lincoln,” Birmingham News, April 1, 2009; Dawn Kent, "Honda, Alabama Mark Decade of Production; More Jobs, Investment Coming to Lincoln," Birmingham News, November 15, 2011.

Hyundai auto assembly plant (2002)

Key Sources: Michael Tomberlin and Kim Chandler, “Hyundai Chooses Montgomery Site,” Birmingham News, April 2, 2002; Michael Tomberlin and Kristi Lamont Ellis, “Hyundai Incentives: $252.8 Million,” Birmingham News, April 5, 2002; Michael Tomberlin, “Hyundai in Alabama: Seoul Food and Southern Comfort,” Birmingham News, April 7, 2002; Katherine Bouma, “Hyundai Permit Certified by EPA,” Birmingham News, September 27, 2002; Mike Cason, “Unions Rally for Hyundai Jobs,” Montgomery Advertiser, November 18, 2003; Robert K. Gordon, “Jury Rules Against Hyundai,” Birmingham News, May 5, 2009; Cosby Woodruff, “Some Hyundai Workers Say Overtime is Excessive,” Montgomery Advertiser, May 9, 2010.



Alaska Seafood International (1997)

Key Sources: Helen Jung, “Seafood Project Under Way,” Anchorage Daily News, July 22, 1997; Helen Jung, “Seafood Plant in Homestretch,” Anchorage Daily News, April 11, 1998; Helen Jung, “State OKs Processing Plant Deal,” Anchorage Daily News, April 30, 1998; “State Approves Restructuring Plan for Struggling Seafood Processor,” Associated Press, October 25, 2000; Paula Dobbyn, “State Writes Down $91.3 Million in Investments,” Anchorage Daily News, November 20, 2002; Wesley Loy, “Subsidies Give ASI Unfair Edge,” Anchorage Daily News, June 26, 2003; Wesley Loy, “Troubled Seafood Plant Closes Doors,” Anchorage Daily News, October 1, 2003.

Healy Clean Coal Project (1989)

Key Sources: Tony Hopfinger, “Key Test at Healy Near End,” Anchorage Daily News, November 6, 1999; Tony Hopfinger, “A Healy Solution,” Anchorage Daily News, September 30, 2001; Paula Dobbyn, “State Writes Down $91.3 Million in Investments,” Anchorage Daily News, November 20, 2002; Wesley Loy, “State to Sell Off Healy Coal Plant,” Anchorage Daily News, January 15, 2009.



Intel (1994 and 2005)

Key Sources: Martha Reinke and Ed Taylor, “Intel Clear Lost of Plant Hurdles with Permits, Tax Breaks,” Scottsdale Progress, April 20, 1994; Jane Larson, “Intel Plan May Bring Chandler New Plant,” Arizona Republic, February 18, 2005; Paul Davenport, “States Eye Tax Breaks as Lure for Intel,” Associated Press, March 13, 2005; Stephanie Paterik and Edythe Jensen, “Intel Expansion ‘Great News,’” Arizona Republic, July 26, 2005; John Yantis, "Intel to Upgrade Plants in Arizona," Arizona Republic, October 20, 2010; Ryan Randazzo et al., "More Jobs Heading to Arizona," Arizona Republic, February 19, 2011.

CityNorth (2006)

Key Sources: Monica Alonzo-Dunsmoor, “$100 Mil in Tax Rebates Revealed for CityNorth,” Arizona Republic, February 22, 2007; Michael Clancy, “CityNorth Subsidy Challenged,” Arizona Republic, August 9, 2007; Casey Newton, “City Subsidy to Developer Gets Court OK,” Arizona Republic, April 3, 2008; Michael Clancy, “Phoenix’s CityNorth Deal Ruled Unlawful,” Arizona Republic, December 24, 2008; Michael Clancy, “Justices Allow CityNorth Tax Deal to Stand,” Arizona Republic, January 26, 2010; Michael Clancy, "Phoenix Wants Out of CityNorth," Arizona Republic, October 15, 2011. See also the material on the website of the Goldwater Institute at



LM Glasfiber (LM Wind Power) (2007)

Key Sources: Laura Stevens, “Windmill Blade Firms Sets Fall Building Start,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, July 19, 2007; David Smith, “Quick Work in Landing Wind-Blade Maker Noted,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 20, 2007; Seth Blomeley, “Governor’s Fund Pulls Jobs to State,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, November 4, 2007; David Smith, “About 630 on Payroll at Glasfiber,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 29, 2008; “Little Rock Approves Bonds for LM Glasfiber,” Associated Press, December 26, 2008; Matthew S.L. Cate, “Firms Gets 1,800-Blade Deal,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, December 18, 2009.

Welspun pipe plant (2007)

Key Sources: David Smith, “Producer of Pipes to Build LR Plant to Employ 250 Near City Port,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, June 22, 2007; David Smith, “It’s Official: LR Getting $100 Million Pipe Plant,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, July 1, 2007; David Smith, “Demand for Pipes to Benefit LR Plant,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, August 3, 2007; Kristin Netterstrom, “LR Annexes 800-Acre Steel-Pipe Plant Site,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, April 23, 2008; Alison Sider, “Welspun to Add 230 Jobs,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, May 4, 2010; Toby Manthey, "Welspun Pipe Firm Facing Fines, 2 Suits Over Safety Claims," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, February 2, 2011; Toby Manthey, "LR Pipe Factory has 600 Workers," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, June 21, 2011.



 Tesla electric car assembly plant (2008-2010)

Key Sources: Matt Nauman, “Governor Entices Tesla to Build Cars in Bay Area,” San Jose Mercury News, July 1, 2008; David R. Baker, “Tesla to Build Plant in San Jose to Make Its Electric Sedan,” San Francisco Chronicle, September 18, 2008; Ken Bensinger and Richard Verrier, “Downey Drives for Tesla,” Los Angeles Times, November 25, 2009; W.J. Hennigan, “Downey Council Opens Door to a Tesla Electric-Car Plant,” Los Angeles Times, November 26, 2009; Tom Abate and David R. Baker, “New Life for Nummi Plant,” San Francisco Chronicle, May 21, 2010; Patrick May, “Tesla to Pay $42 Million for NUMMI Plant,” San Jose Mercury News, May 28, 2010; David R. Baker, "Toyota, Tesla Agree Not to Make Rav4 in Fremont Plant." San Francisco Chronicle, August 6, 2011.

 San Diego Padres (1998)

Key Sources: Barry M. Bloom, “Padres Owner Favors Public Vote on Ballpark,” San Diego Union-Tribune, March 15, 1997; Tony Perry, “Hoping to Be a Hit with Voters,” Los Angeles Times, October 2, 1997; Tony Perry, “San Diego Deal to Build Baseball Park is Reached,” Los Angeles Times, July 15, 1998; Philip J. LaVelle, “Ballpark Approved Decisively,” San Diego Union-Tribune, November 4, 1998; Tony Perry, “Councilwoman in San Diego Pleads Guilty and Resigns,” Los Angeles Times, January 29, 2001; Tony Perry, “Stadium Foe Refuses to Play Ball with City,” Los Angeles Times, November 11, 2001.



Colorado Rockies (1990) and Denver Broncos (1998)

Key Sources:  Sports Facility Reports, Vol. 10, 2009 (; Paul Hutchinson, “Coors Field Tab Up to $215.5 Million,” Denver Post, December 3, 1994; Paul Hutchinson, “Broncos Dream of Stadium,” Denver Post, January 3, 1995; Stuart Steers, “Bowlen for Dollars,” Denver Westword, December 20, 1995; Stuart Steers, “Keeping Score,” Denver Westword, July 16, 1998; Barry Botnick, “Invesco Wins Name Game,” Colorado Springs Gazette, January 30, 2001.

U.S. Olympic Committee (2009)

Key Sources: John Hazlehurst, “Colorado Springs in No Rush to Issue COPS to Pay for USOC Headquarters Project,” Colorado Springs Business Journal, March 6, 2009; Rob Larimer, “Colorado Springs Terminates Deal with LandCo, USOC,” Colorado Springs Business Journal, May 21, 2009; John Hazlehurst, “City of Colorado Springs Pays, U.S. Olympic Committee Stays,” Colorado Springs Business Journal, July 31, 2009; John Hazlehurst, “City of Colorado Springs Approves U.S. Olympic Committee Deal,” Colorado Springs Business Journal, August 11, 2009; “Council OKs funding to Keep USOC in Colo. Springs,” Associated Press, August 12, 2009; Daniel J. Chacon, “City to Make $38 million Commitment to USOC,” Colorado Springs Gazette, August 28, 2009; John C. Ensslin and Daniel Chacon, “LandCo Executives Indicted,” Colorado Springs Gazette, November 26, 2009.



 Starwood Hotels and Resorts (2009)

Key Sources: Richard Lee, “Starwood Hotels Books Room in Stamford,” Connecticut Post, November 18, 2009; Eric Gershon, “New ‘Star’ for State,” Hartford Courant, November 19, 2009; Alexander Soule, “Starwood to Stamford,” Fairfield County Business Journal, November 30, 2009; Christina S.N. Lewis, “Connecticut, Starwood Hit Bump,” Wall Street Journal, February 8, 2010; Alexander Soule, “Starwood Rumors Persist As State Works on Incentives,” Fairfield County Business Journal, March 8, 2010; Alexander Soule, “Starwood Incentive Deal Shatters Records,” Fairfield County Business Journal, April 5, 2010.

Royal Bank of Scotland (2005)

Key Sources: September 14, 2005 Press release from the office of Gov. Jodi Rell:; Ritu Kalra, “Banks’ Move May Bring Hundreds of Jobs to State,” Hartford Courant, September 15, 2005; Pam Dawkins, “RBS Plans $400M Stamford Office,” Connecticut Post, September 15, 2005; Eric Gershon, “A Royal Statement,” Hartford Courant, April 22, 2008; Ryan Doran, “The Village on the Eighth Floor,” Fairfield County Business Journal, April 28, 2008.



 Fisker electric car assembly plant (2009)

Key Sources: Andrew Eder, “State’s Auto Industry Plugs in to the Future,” Wilmington News Journal, October 28, 2009; Andrew Eder, “Fisker Places Del. At Birth of New Era in Auto Industry Plugs in to the Future,” Wilmington News Journal, November 1, 2009; Andrew Eder, “Del. Union Seeking New Life After GM,” Wilmington News Journal, December 21, 2009; Jonathan Starkey, "Fisker: No Misuse of Federal Loan," Wilmington News Journal, October 22, 2011.

AstraZeneca (1999)

Key Sources: Trif Alatzas, “Del., Pa. Compete for AstraZeneca Site,” Wilmington News Journal, January 12, 1999; Todd Spangler, “AstraZeneca Picks Delaware for New U.S. Headquarters,” Associated Press, April 29, 1999; Trif Alatzas, “AstraZeneca Picks Delaware,” Wilmington News Journal, April 30, 1999; Trif Alatzas, “Del. Went All Out for Company,” Wilmington News Journal, May 2, 1999; Seth Agulnick, “AstraZeneca Project Zips Along,” Wilmington News Journal, September 27, 2000; Aaron Nathan and Eric Ruth, “AstraZeneca Cuts Jobs Despite Help from State,” Wilmington News Journal, March 3, 2010.



Washington Nationals (2006)

Key Sources: Sports Facility Reports, Vol. 10, 2009 (; Robert E. Pierre, “Williams Announces Union Deal on Stadium,” Washington Post, June 17, 2005; Lori Montgomery and Thomas Heath, “At Long Last, a D.C. Stadium Deal,” Washington Post, March 8, 2006; Daniel LeDuc, “Labor Leaders Defend Site Hiring Practices,” Washington Post, December 13, 2007; Daniel LeDuc, “Stadium Project Falling Short of City’s Ambitious Hiring Goals,” Washington Post, February 24, 2008; Daniel LeDuc and David Nakamura, “Nationals Withhold Rent on Ballpark,” Washington Post, July 11, 2008; Aaron C. Davis, “Team to Pay City $3.5 Million in Rent Settlement,” Washington Post, October 19, 2008; Tim Lemke, “Ballpark’s Final Tag: $693 million,” Washington Times, January 7, 2009; Dana Hedgpeth and David Nakamura, “At Nationals Park, District of Dreams Hits a Slump,” Washington Post, April 12, 2009; Robert McCartney, “Development around Nats Park Isn’t Living up to its Pitch,” Washington Post, July 1, 2010.

 Gallery Place (1999)

Key Sources: Good Jobs First, Economic Development in Washington, DC (2002;; Maryann Haggerty, “A TIF Over Building Funds,” Washington Post, October 9, 1999; Kenneth Bredemeier and Maryann Haggerty,” Housing, retail Set for Gallery Place,” Washington Post, December 8, 1999; Kenneth Bredemeier, “Groundbreaking Deal on Wages?” Washington Post, December 10, 1999; Jackie Spinner, “Financing Holds Up Gallery Place Project,” Washington Post, October 4, 2000;  Jackie Spinner, “Gallery Place Office Tower Sought,” Washington Post, November 22, 2000;  Jackie Spinner, “District Can’t Sell Bonds for Big Projects,” Washington Post, November 12, 2001; Neil Irwin, “Gallery Place Project Gains Funding,” Washington Post, May 6, 2002.



Scripps Research Institute (2003)

Key Sources: Mike Branom, “Palm Beach County Approves $200 million in Bonds to Lure Biotech Firm,” Associated Press, October 14, 2003; Jerry W. Jackson and Barry Flynn, “$500 Million Plan to Attract Biotech Facility Spurs Debate,” Orlando Sentinel, October 19, 2003; Eric Ernst, “Florida’s answer to economic stimulus lies closer to home than Calif.,” Sarasota Herald-Tribune, November 11, 2003; Tony Doris, “Scripps Florida: How the Deal Was Done,” Palm Beach Post, June 27, 2004; Kris Hundley, “In a Flash, Scripps, Palm Beach Agree,” St. Petersburg Times, May 3, 2006; Andy Reid, “Scripps Florida’s Own Site Officially ‘Open for Business,’” South Florida Sun-Sentinel, February 25, 2009; The Florida Senate, Interim Report 2009-107, October 2008, accessed from; Palm Beach County, Florida Annual Financial Audit Report, Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2009, accessed from; Andy Reid, “Biotech Blunder at Mecca Farms Keeps Costing Palm Beach County Taxpayers,” South Florida Sun-Sentinel, November 6, 2010.  

Florida Marlins (2008)

Key Sources: Sports Facility Reports, Vol. 10, 2009 (; Tim Reynolds, “Marlins’ Success Sparking Renewed Talks of New Ballpark,” Associated Press, October 18, 2003; “Proposed $325 Million Ballpark Would House ‘Miami Marlins,’” Miami Herald, October 30, 2003; Charles Elmore, “City, County Approval Clears Way for Marlins Stadium,” Palm Beach Post, February 22, 2008; Juan C. Rodriguez, “Judge’s Ruling Paves Way for New Marlins Ballpark to Be Built,” South Florida Sun-Sentinel, November 22, 2008; Charles Rabin and Matthew Haggman, “Marlins Win It,” Miami Herald, March 24, 2009; Sarah Talalay, “Marlins Making a Profit, Financial Records Reveal,” Sun-Sentinel, August 24, 2010; Andres Viglucci and Patricia Mazzei, "Miami May Have to Pay Property Taxes on Marlins Stadium Garages," Miami Herald, November 21, 2011; Charles Rabin et al., "Feds Open SEC Probe Into Miami Marlins Stadium Deal," Miami Herald, December 2, 2011.

Jabil Circuit (2008)

Key Sources: Sharon L. Bond, “Suitors line up to buy sod farm,” St. Petersburg Times, April 7, 2001; James Thorner, “Jabil land earmarked for new HQ,” St. Petersburg Times, November 18, 2006; Cristina Silva, “St. Petersburg’s secrecy stirs up critics,” St. Petersburg Times, July 4, 2008; Letter from David S. Goodwin, Director of St. Petersburg Economic Development Department to Kim Walker, Brownfields Liaison, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, January 5, 2009 (; “Jabil Circuit to cut 3,000 jobs worldwide,” The Associated Press, January 28, 2009; “Jabil asks to delay new headquarters,” St. Petersburg Times, February 19, 2009; Robert Trigaux, “Jabil reacts to critical report,” St. Petersburg Times, July 1, 2010; Michael Van Sickler, “St. Petersburg’s end run spoiled again,” St. Petersburg Times, September 2, 2010.



Kia auto assembly plant (2006)

Key Sources: Walter Woods, “Georgia Wins Kia Plant,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 13, 2006; Walter Woods, “$160,000 Per Job to Land Kia,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 14, 2006; Michael E. Kanell, “Kia Will Deliver Ripple Effect,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 19, 2006; Michael E. Kanell, “43,000 Seeks Jobs at New Kia Plant,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 12, 2008; David Markiewicz, “Santa Fe to Be Built in Georgia,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 1, 2010; Chuck Williams, “Kia Revs Up Second Shift to Produce Sorentos,” Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, October 2, 2010; Tony Adams, "West Point Kia Finishes Hiring Nearly 1,000 Workers at Plant," Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, June 3, 2011.  

NCR (2009)

Key Sources: Chuck Williams, “Columbus Draws ATM Plant with 875 Jobs, $42 million Annual payroll with Aggressive Incentives,” Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, June 2, 2009; D.L. Bennett, “Incentives Help Georgia Land NCR,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 3, 2009; Renee DeGross Valdes, “NCR Plant Lifts Columbus Spirits,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 5, 2009; Jim Tharpe, “How Ga. Courted a Fortune 500 Firm,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 7, 2009; Carrier Teegardin, “Job-Lure Cost Rises, Deemed Worth It,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 7, 2009; Leon Stafford, “Grants Helped to Lure NCR,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 12, 2009; Chuck Williams, “Biden: Columbus Can’t Get Stimulus Money for NCR,” Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, July 16, 2009; Chuck Williams, “Gov. Sonny Perdue Tells Joe Biden He’s Wrong about Columbus and NCR,” Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, July 29, 2009; Chuck Williams, “Columbus Denied $5.5M from Stimulus for NCR,” Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, August 16, 2009. Arielle Kass, “NCR expects to save money with HQ move”, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 12, 2015



Lost (2006-2009)

Key Sources: Wayne Harada and Sean Hao, “Could Hawai’i Lose ‘Lost,’” Honolulu Advertiser, January 27, 2005; Sean Hao, “No Word Yet on ‘Lost’ Tax Credits” Honolulu Advertiser, February 5, 2005; Michael Tsai, “’Lost’ Will Stay in Hawai’i for Now,’” Honolulu Advertiser, March 1, 2005; Todd Longwell, “Land of the ‘Lost,’” Hollywood Reporter, June 3, 2009; Sean Hao, “TV's 'Lost' spent $228M in 4 years, The Honolulu Advertiser, April 28, 2010. 

Ko Olina aquarium (2003)

Key Sources: Andrew Gomes, “Ko Olina Project Seeks Tax Incentive,” Honolulu Advertiser, May 13, 2002; Johnny Brannon, “Ko Olina Tax Break Vetoed,” Honolulu Advertiser, June 25, 2002; Gordon Pang, “Governor OKs $75M Ko Olina Tax Credits,” Honolulu Advertiser, May 29, 2003; Jim Dooley, “Senator Sees No Conflict in Many Ties to Ko Olina,” Honolulu Advertiser, March 4, 2004; Andrew Gomes, “Aquarium Tax Credits at Risk,” Honolulu Advertiser, February 7, 2006; Andrew Gomes, “Ko Olina Says It Doesn’t Need Aquarium After All,” Honolulu Advertiser, January 18, 2007; Andrew Gomes, “Credits Got Used, But No Aquarium,” Honolulu Advertiser, April 8, 2008.  



 Micron Technology (2005)

Key Sources: Joe Estrella, “Micron Plans to Expand—Maybe in Boise,” Idaho Statesman, January 14, 2005; Joe Estrella and Greg Hahn, “Micron Tells Legislators It Needs Tax Breaks,” Idaho Statesman, February 24, 2005; Wayne Hoffman, “Senate Passes Micron Incentive Tax Break Bill; Despite Worries, Lawmakers Send Bill to Governor,” Idaho Statesman, March 25, 2005; Robb Hicken, “Still A Sound Policy? Idaho Legislature to Examine Incentives for Drawing Business to State,” Idaho Business Review, July 23, 2007.

Areva  (2008)

Key Sources: John Miller, “French Firm Talks to ID, Others About Uranium Enrichment Plant,” Associated Press, January 31, 2008; Paul Menser, “Nuclear Firms Eyes Bonneville County,” Idaho Falls Post Register, February 1, 2008; Phil Davidson, “Energy Facility Bills Pass,” Idaho Falls Post Register, March 6, 2008; Phil Davidson, “Areva to Idaho Falls: ‘Oui!’” Idaho Falls Post Register, May 7, 2008; John Miller, “Idaho Continues Nuclear Legacy with Uranium Enrichment Plant,” Lewiston Morning Tribune, May 7, 2008. 



Diamond-Star Motors (1985); Mitsubishi (2011)

Key Sources: Jeff McCourt and Greg LeRoy, A Better Deal for Illinois: Improving Economic Development Policy (Good Jobs First, 2003;; Matt O’Connor, “Did Illinois Mortgage Future for Auto Plant?” Chicago Tribune, October 13, 1985; Brian Bremner and Barbara Marsh, “The False Promise of Diamond-Star,” Crain’s Chicago Business, April 13, 1987; Brian Bremner, “I Pulled Out a Road Map and Showed Him Rte. 51,” Crain’s Chicago Business, June 6, 1988; Bob Holliday, “Assessments Reduced by $1.43 Million,” Bloomington Pantagraph, April 29, 2000; Dave McKinney, "Aided by $29M Tax Break, Mitsubishi to Make SUV," Chicago Sun-Times, February 5, 2011.

Sears headquarters (1989)

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Boeing headquarters (2001)

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Indianapolis Colts (2005)

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United Airlines (1991)

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Eli Lilly (1999)

Key Sources: Doug Sword, “$50 million Proposed for Research,” Indianapolis Star, January 13, 1999; John Kelly, “Two GOP Senators Call on Governor to Convene a Special Session,” Associated Press, May 3, 1999; “Lilly Unveils Long-Term Growth Plans,” PR Newswire, July 16, 1999; Matt Slagle, “Lilly Announces Economic Development Plan,” Associated Press, July 16, 1999. 



Google Server Farm (2007)

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IBM (2009)

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Orascom Construction Industries (2012)

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Boeing (2003) and Spirit Aerosystems (2005)

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Kansas City Wizards and Cerner Corp. (2009)

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Ford Motor (2007 and 2008)

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UPS (1998 and 2006)

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Cabela’s (2008)

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Tyson Foods

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New York Yankees and New York Mets (2006, 2007 and 2009)

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