Bipartisan Corporate Crime Fighting by the States

Bipartisan Corporate Crime Fighting by the States: How Blue and Red State Attorneys General Cooperate in Addressing Big-Business Misconduct

by Philip Mattera and Anthony Kay Baggaley

September 2019

A new report from the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First on lawsuits filed by state attorneys general shows that the current cases against the drug companies and the tech sector are part of a long-standing practice of bipartisan cooperation in fighting corporate misconduct.

The report focuses on 644 cases in which AGs from multiple states took on companies over issues ranging from mortgage abuses to illicit marketing of prescription drugs and collected more than $100 billion in settlements over the past two decades. These multistate cases are a subset of more than 7,000 state AG actions compiled for the latest expansion of Violation Tracker and now available for searching on the database.

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