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Green New Deal or Stale Old Tax-Break Scam? Getting Electric Vehicle Incentives Right

The rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is about to disrupt state economies and budgets, but the tax break-industrial complex is on cruise control. Governments are suddenly throwing billions in subsidies at new EV assembly and battery factories. Uncle Sam, as usual, is MIA on industrial policy, so the “economic war among the states” is in overdrive. Good Jobs First Executive Director Greg LeRoy wrote about the situation for The Nonprofit Quarterly.


Amazon’s 100,000-Job Claim: Will Taxpayers Bankroll Retail Job Churn?

January 18, 2017--Amazon last week announced it will “create” 100,000 jobs as it rolls out Same-Day Delivery to customers throughout the country. While it’s great publicity after the company received negative tweets from the President-elect, taxpayer shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this represents net job creation in retailing.

Indeed, consider


Michigan Slashes Corporate Subsidies While Cutting Business Taxes

The dust has settled in Michigan’s budget battle, and the outcome is dramatic: a state that has spent billions on economic development subs