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How TIFs in St. Louis are Reinforcing the Racial Divide

by Jeremy Moses

Over the past few years, controversy around tax increment financing in St. Louis has been increasingly prominent in local politics. In the mayoral race earlier this year, each candidate put forward his or her own proposal for reform, in response to a growing consensus that incentives are


Is Foxconn a Con?

It’s common for governors to stage publicity events to announce major job-creating investments in their state. This allows them to take implicit credit for a project that was probably helped along with tax breaks and other financial giveaways. When it came to the Taiwanese company Foxconn’s plan to build a $10 billion flat-screen plant in Wisconsin, the hype was taken to a new level.


Corporate Welfare Olympians are relying on performance enhancing corporate welfare to boost profits

The titans of the sports apparel industry are reveling in the success of the Olympic athletes they’ve signed up to wear their products in Rio. At the same time, the companies themselves are competing in their own games: the Corporate Welfare Olympics.


Paying Taxes to the Boss in Oklahoma

A recent report by Oklahoma Watch, an investigative journalism non-profit, shows just how far the Sooner State has plunged into the dubious practice of turning the withholding taxes of workers into subsidies for their bosses.