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5 Questions with Michelle Dillingham: Cincinnati's TIF Crusader

My colleagues were digging into the state of economic development subsides in Ohio – as we here at Good Jobs First do – when they came across Cincinnati resident Michelle Dillingham. She's part of a group working hard to reign in tax abatements that divert significant pools of money from schools.


A Good Day for Subsidy Transparency: Franklin County, Ohio Touts New Tax Incentives Hub

Transparency is a cornerstone of economic development, allowing the public to know where funds are being invested, what companies benefit from tax breaks, and if they do the good things corporate leaders and elected officials say they will. That’s why we were so cheered to see Franklin County, Ohio's new website that lifts the veil of secrecy that so often shrouds economic development subsidies.


Subsidy Tracker Adds 17,000 New Records

We posted a new version of Subsidy Tracker, Good Jobs First’s database of company-specific subsidy awards from state and local governments across the country as well as federal agencies. During this round of updates, we added over 17,000 entries from 112 state and local programs from 28 states. We also updated the federal programs. We also added nine megadeals.


Subsidy Tracker Update is Now Available. Explore and Enjoy!

We spent this summer collecting data for the latest Subsidy Tracker update, which now is posted online and available to users. This update consists mostly of local data; however, we also added state data and four megadeals.


Subsidy Tracker Data Now Searchable Within More Than 10,000 Localities

Subsidy Tracker, the nation’s only public and free database of economic development incentive awards, today introduced a new feature that allows the user to display summary data for more than 10,000 different localities across the country. The summaries, like those previously provided for states, show subsidy totals and list the