​​By Chris Hickey, KUAR-FM, Arkansas Public Radio

In addition to a citizen-driven ballot question on Medical Marijuana, Arkansas voters are getting to decide on three legislature-sponsored constitutional amendments in this election. One of those, Issue 3, would primarily allow the Arkansas Legislature to approve an unlimited amount of bond money to support new large-scale economic development projects. 


By Robin Respaut May 28, 2015

Lockheed Martin received a deal this week to expand a plant in Arkansas using $87 million of state general obligation bonds, an unusual method of funding a private project with taxpayer debt.

Subsidizing Federal Contractors: A New Norm?

An $87 million subsidy package for military contractor Lockheed Martin has sailed through a special legislative session in Arkansas. The package is meant to support the company’s bid for a contract with the federal government to produce military vehicles.

Arkansas Will Claw Back Hewlett-Packard Subsidies

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