Climate Issues

Terms of Engagement After Sandy

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UPDATED Hurricane Sandy Recovery Dollars--How to Make Them Count

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The Recovery Act: The Transparency Gift that Keeps on Giving

Largely lost in the partisan bickering over the stimulus has been the law's enormous positive impact on improving government transparency. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) is not just the most transparent federal spending bill in U.S. history—the changes it pioneered will endure even after the stimulus winds down.

The Golden State Goes Greener

In California, an historic effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles by curbing sprawl will likely

Who’s Subsidizing the Electric Car?

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“Eco-towns” Ignite UK Debate

Plans by Britain’s Labour Government to build new “ecotowns” are sparking demonstrations outside Parliament and elsewhere in Britain.

Putting Limits on Ethanol Subsidies

Over the years, the reputation of ethanol has swung from one extreme to another.

Sorry, Suburbs—Cities Are Cooler

Most discussions on how to reduce your carbon footprint focus on what you drive and how well your house is insulated. Those issues are certainly vital, but the bigger issue may really be how much  you drive and how big  your residence is.  And those, in turn, get you into the wonky subject of land use.