Enterprise Florida

Big Changes Are Coming To Enterprise Florida

In a surprise move, Florida Gov. Rick Scott ordered Enterprise Florida (EFl), the state’s public-private entity charged with recruiting companies to the state, to downsize and to consider converting to a completely private model.


By Marcia Heroux Pounds, July 17, 2015

The cost of attracting jobs to our region is rising. Broward and Palm Beach counties have awarded millions of taxpayer dollars for company relocations or expansions in recent months, including two major deals completed in just the past two weeks.


By Andrew Perez and David Sirota June 19, 2015

Florida was buying wetlands. Seeking to conserve its fragile coastline, the state sought to set aside acreage in perpetuity, ensuring it would never be developed. But as then-Gov. Jeb Bush assessed a proposal to buy a choice parcel -- a 26,000-acre piece of swampland near Jacksonville -- he worried that the price was far higher than the land’s true worth.