Enterprise Zones

Florida Sunsets Ineffective Enterprise Zone program

Amid a debate in Florida on how much money to allocate to subsidy programs, legislators have made one smart decision – sunsetting the state’s Enterprise Zone program.

Chicago Mayor’s Proposed Tax-Free Zones No Policy Panacea

As early voting begins in the Chicago mayoral runoff election, incumbent Rahm Emanuel has

California Enterprise Zones Tax Credit Overhaul Enacted

CA EZ 2Last week brought a satisfying conclusion to Governor Jerry Brown’s two year effort to bring an end to California’s controversial Enterprise Zones (EZ). 

California Enterprise Zones On the Chopping Block (Again)

CA EZsGovernor Jerry Brown has again proposed elimination of California’s much-maligned Enterprise Zone (EZ) program in order to help balance the state’s precarious budget and redirec

Community Wins in Missouri

Congratulations to community groups in Columbia, Missouri on their win last week preventing most of the city from being designated “blighted” to create massive property tax abatements.

Oregon Ramps Up Transparency, Looks to Rein In Subsidies

The past couple of months have brought broad changes to economic development tax credit policy in Oregon.  Last month the state enacted major tax

Mapping Job Subsidies: Becoming Easier in More States

As those who follow Good Jobs First know, since 2000 we have issued several studies mapping the geographic distribution of company-specific economic development subsidy deals—and then analyzing them for their pro-sprawl bias.