Amazon’s 100,000-Job Claim: Will Taxpayers Bankroll Retail Job Churn?

January 18, 2017--Amazon last week announced it will “create” 100,000 jobs as it rolls out Same-Day Delivery to customers throughout the country. While it’s great publicity after the company received negative tweets from the President-elect, taxpayer shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this represents net job creation in retailing.


By Alan Greenblatt, November, 2015

Several states have decided the way to juice up economic development is to turn it over to a corporation outside the government bureaucracy. Is it working?

A Fiery P3 Hearing in Illinois

I just returned from a trip to Springfield to testify before the Illinois House of Representatives on an economic development privatization proposal, but the chaotic scene was more reminiscent of the UK's House of Commons.

Wisconsin’s Privatized Jobs Agency Criticized Again

The evidence continues to mount against the notion that privatized economic development agencies are a responsible means to promote state  economic development  A new audit of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) echoes previous findings in outlining missteps at the agency.

Chicago Mayor’s Proposed Tax-Free Zones No Policy Panacea

As early voting begins in the Chicago mayoral runoff election, incumbent Rahm Emanuel has

New Report: Putting Municipal Pension Costs in Context: Chicago

Have secretive TIF accounts played a significant role in the underfunding of Chicago pension funds?

Striking Chicago Teachers Highlight TIF

This past week, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) strike has been making national headlines.