How TIFs in St. Louis are Reinforcing the Racial Divide

by Jeremy Moses

Over the past few years, controversy around tax increment financing in St. Louis has been increasingly prominent in local politics. In the mayoral race earlier this year, each candidate put forward his or her own proposal for reform, in response to a growing consensus that incentives are responsible for uneven development throughout the city.



New developments in the K.C. Metro border war between Kansas & Missouri.


By David Nicklaus, May 11, 2016

Area governments have provided more than $2 billion of subsidies to retail developers in the past couple of decades, but metropolitan St. Louis has the same number of people working in retailing as it did in 1990.


By Sarah Jaffe, July 9, 2015

The St. Louis-area campaign highlights the networks of powerful individuals who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo

Schools Lose in Kansas City TIF Deal

Public schools in Kansas City, Missouri may soon lose out on $5 million, or 3.2 percent of all their local funding, if the city’s Tax Increment Financing Commission has its way.

2014: A Landmark Year for Subsidy Accountability

Two-thousand fourteen was a banner year for our movement, hands down. The first move to require standardized subsidy-cost reporting! The first half of a legally-binding two-state cease fire deal! The first state ban on tax-break commissions! A big surge found in state disclosure of subsidies! Big improvements to our Subsidy Tracker, enabling first-ever mash-ups!

Missouri Seeks Cease-Fire in Kansas City Border War

borderwar01-1200xx900-506-0-85A bill signed this week by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has the potential to solve one aspect of the w