New York

One City Sets an Example for Tracking Local Pandemic Spending

The city of Syracuse, NY is one of the few smaller localities taking the time to track American Rescue Plan spending for its residents.

The Times Union spent six months investigating the poorly performing horse racing industry, finding that it would not exist without massive subsidies by taxpayers, who are offsetting its losses to the tune of millions per year.

New York State Website Makes it Impossible to Track COVID Spending

Despite a self-congratulatory blog by New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, the state’s COVID-19 Relief Program Tracker fails Good Jobs First’s transparency test.

5 Questions with Tom Speaker: New York Breaks Up With Opportunity Zones

Reinvent Albany, a nonprofit that advocates for transparent, accountable, effective New York government, recently celebrated a major victory when the State Assembly voted to decouple from federal Opportunity Zone tax breaks. Policy Analyst Tom Speaker talked to Good Jobs First about why this is such a big deal.


By Jim Heaney and Charlotte Keith, Albany Times-Union

New York has seemingly tried every which way to jump-start its upstate economy.

Governor after governor proposed what they considered the answer to upstate's economic woes, but program after program came up short.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was determined to change that when he took office in 2011. Cuomo has increased state subsidies, launched several bold initiatives and crisscrossed the state to announce state-funded projects he frequently described as "game-changers."


By Diane Cardwell, July 20, 2015

BUFFALO — Along a bend in the Buffalo River here, an enormous steel and concrete structure is rising, soon to house one of the country’s largest solar panel factories. Just to the south, in the rotting guts of the old Bethlehem Steel plant in Lackawanna, where a dozen wind turbines already harness the energy blowing off Lake Erie, workers are preparing to install a big new solar array.


By Elizabeth Bird and Bill O'Meara, July 20, 2015

Publishing giant Time Inc. has been cutting hundreds of jobs in recent years, but its next round of layoffs come despite significant financial help from New York State taxpayers.

Subsidies and Corruption in New York

The leaders of both chambers of the New York State Legislature have been indicted on criminal charges, accused of using their power and influence to improperly assist major real estate developers. That assistance turns out to revolve around a controversial subsidy program known as 421-a.

2014: A Landmark Year for Subsidy Accountability

Two-thousand fourteen was a banner year for our movement, hands down. The first move to require standardized subsidy-cost reporting! The first half of a legally-binding two-state cease fire deal! The first state ban on tax-break commissions! A big surge found in state disclosure of subsidies! Big improvements to our Subsidy Tracker, enabling first-ever mash-ups!