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Cooper Tire’s Novel Approach to Subsidy Competition: Pay to Survive

In a grim variation of the subsidy game that may become more common in a tanking economy, Cooper Tire last month successfully squeezed over $66 million in subsidies for plants in three states, pushed down union wages and benefits, and eliminated one plant altogether.

RAD-ical TIF Deregulation a Cause for Concern in NJ

or any city services, for that matter...New Jersey’s Revenue Allocation Districts (RADs—the Garden State’s version of tax increment financing) may soon undergo severe deregulation.

Kansas City Forced to Bail Out TIF Districts

piggybank_sm11In Kansas City, subsidized development projects designed to pay their own way with “guaranteed” revenue streams are requiring local government bailouts and cash advances to stay afloat.

“Super TIF” EATs Kansas City Alive!

The recent opening of a nine-story office building in Kansas City serves as a reminder of the intense controversy in that city over the abuse of tax