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Accountability Updates in Oregon

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Two new reports released this week by watchdog groups in Oregon show mixed results for accountability of the state’s economic development subsidies.

Large, Profitable Corporations Get Huge Federal Tax Breaks

The most consistently profitable companies in the Fortune 500 only pay about half the statutory federal income tax rate—a fourth pay less than 10 percent. Some even get refunds from Uncle Sam—30 companies have enjoyed a negative income tax rate the past three years despite making $160 billion in pre-tax profits.

Stung by Shutdowns, Massachusetts Debates Reforms

Recent job loss events in Massachusetts, though unfortunate for the state and its workers, may prompt passage of strong

Starting Up Stalled State Economies: Experts Give Some Do’s and Don’ts

With the election of a new president, officials in many states are hoping a renewed federal/state partnership will jumpstart the troubled economy. Until the new president takes office, however, falling revenues have prompted some states to take actions that are counter-productive rather than counter-cyclical.

Wisconsin Subsidizes Border Hopping, But Did It Need To?

Uline Shipping Supplies, a distributor of industrial packing materials, recently announced it will relocate its headquarters from Waukegan, Illinois to a new headquarters/distribution campus just 20 miles north in Wisconsin, for which it will receive up to $23 million in state and local business subsidies.

Costly Business Tax Break Fails to Check Illinois Manufacturing Job Loss– Again

In a move reminiscent of Maytag’s 2002 decision to close its Galesburg, Illinois plant and transfer jobs to Mexico, Methode Electronics has announced it will close one of its three Illinois plants and eliminate a product line at another.