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Sunshine Week: Economic Democracy Depends on Transparency

Americans of every political persuasion consistently tell pollsters that corporations have too much power over public policy. That’s painfully true in economic development, where a corporate-dominated site selection system built up over 80 years turns our public officials into lapdogs with taxpayer checkbooks. So how do we dismantle the Tax Break-Industrial Complex and take back our economic democracy? It starts with disclosure.

Good Jobs First: Open for Business!

cash-flowIn our quest for revenue diversification, Good Jobs First is pleased to announce that we are Open for Business!

Tesla: New Technology, Same Old Subsidy Charade

Tesla Motor’s shameful subsidy competition for its battery factory is wrapping up to a close in a state known for big gambling.  The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) announced last week it had assembled a breathtaking package for the proposed “Gigafactory” totaling as much as $1.3

Tesla, We Have Questions

For Immediate Release September 4, 2014

Contacts: Bob Fulkerson 775-348-7557

Greg LeRoy 202-232-1616 x 211

Tesla Open Letter Electrifies Gigafactory Debate

Early this week Good Jobs First joined its voice with those of progressive organizations in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas to express concerns about the pending subsidy bidding war over Tesla’s proposed Gigafactory.  In case you missed it, an open letter signed by Arizona PIRG, the California Budget Project, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), New Mexico’s SouthWest Organizing Project, Texans for Public Justice  and Good Jobs First regarding the multi-state competition has been generating growing media attention.  The letter calls for state leaders to seize the opportunity presented by Tesla’s subsidy demands, communicate with each other, and reject the harmful Race to the Bottom.


Much of our daily work at Good Jobs First consists of monitoring massive subsidy packages that often don’t receive much attention in the media.  But events like the Gigafactory bidding war provide an opportunity to break down these complicated issues into smaller pieces that allow a practical public dialogue about job creation, competition, and fairness.

Rhode Island Considers Defaulting on Bonds for Notorious 38 Studios Deal

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ED Officials Agree with Us!

A stunning survey issued today by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) proves that state and local economic development officials overwhelmingly agree with most accountability activists.

That is, hundreds of people who deal with site location consultants, tax-dodging lawyers, and footloose companies every day think there need to be some serious rule changes.