Bad Development Policy “Impacting” Cities During Recession

suburban tractAccording to a recent article, cities all over the country are engaging in a new disturbing trend as a response to stagnant ne

SunCal Shines No Light on New Mexico Lobbying Expenditures

tidd-abq-outlineAlthough SunCal has spent huge sums of cash attempting to influence New Mexico’s residents and state legi

Can Slowdown in the Chicago Suburbs Lead to Smarter Growth?

Chicago-area advocates of more sensible growth and land-use policies got a boost this week when Chicago Tribune columnist John McCarron urged the region’s public officials to see one upside of the painful economic crisis: a chance to put the region’s “suburban sprawl machine” into reverse.

The Golden State Goes Greener

In California, an historic effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles by curbing sprawl will likely

Leading Indiana Business Journal Calls for Halt to Subsidy “Charade”

Reacting to a recent spate of taxpayer-subsidized corporate relocations from existing central Indiana sites to nearby communities, the state’s leading business paper has urged officials to be more tight-fisted when confronted with business threats to relocate outside the region or state.

“Eco-towns” Ignite UK Debate

Plans by Britain’s Labour Government to build new “ecotowns” are sparking demonstrations outside Parliament and elsewhere in Britain.

Oregon’s Limits on Growth Reduce Impact of Housing Price Decline

Even as other states struggle with housing price declines that have cut homeowner borrowing and spending power, Oregon’s land use controls are being credited with bolstering its housing market and economy.

From Sprawl to “Social Disorder”: The Collapse of the Suburbs?

America’s sprawling suburbs are starting to show signs of “physical and social disorder” analogous to those that plagued many of the country’s large cities in the 1960s and 1970s, according to a provocative article in the March issue of The Atlantic by Christopher Leinberger.

TIF, Greenfields, & Sprawl

Good Jobs First today released a new in-depth article about the nation’s most controversial kind of economic development subsidy – “TIF, Greenfields, and Sprawl” – just published in Planning and Environmental Law, a journal of the American Planning Association.

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