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The Restaurant Revitalization Fund Should Have Stronger Oversight if More Funds are Approved

The American Rescue Plan included a program meant to keep small businesses owned by disadvantaged groups in the restaurant industry open during the height of the pandemic. The $28.8 billion grant program—known as the Restaurant Revitalization Fund—gave money to over 100,000 businesses, with some grants going as high as $10 million.

Report: California Utilities are the Most Heavily Penalized in the Nation

Electric, gas and telecommunications companies in California have paid far more in penalties for consumer protection and safety violations than utilities in any other state, accounting for more than half of the $13 billion in fines and settlements since 2000 in the country as a whole.


A new report by the a consumer watchdog Public Citizen analyzed data from Good Jobs First's database on corporate misconduct - Violation Tracker - and found that 111 known U.S. Chamber member corporations have violated state and federal law at least 15,895 times. Since 2000, the group has racked up penalties of over $154 billion since 2000.


With the assistance of Violation Tracker data, new research shows that anonymous company reviews written by employees could be used to predict corporate misconduct and potentially head it off.


Corporate misconduct increases when local newspapers close down, a new study using Violation Tracker data has found.


"While plowing his way through records from various government regulators to compile a dossier on actions taken by agencies against the Fortune 500, (Good Jobs First Research Director Philip) Mattera had an idea: What if he could build a central source for the information?"


Over the past two decades, state regulatory agencies and attorneys general have brought more than 50,000 enforcement actions against private sector entities for violations of clean air, clean water and other environmental laws--collecting more than $20 billion in fines, settlements and other payments.


By Jessica Lyons Hardcastle, Environmental Leader

Major companies racked up more than $20 billion in enforcement costs for environmental, health and safety and other violations between Election Day and Donald Trump’s inauguration.

This, according to Violation Tracker, a database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First, that first launched in 2015.

The $160 Billion Bank Fee

Washington, DC, June 28, 2016-- Since the beginning of 2010, two dozen major U.S. and foreign-based banks have paid more than $160 billion in U.S. penalties to resolve a wide range of cases brought against them by the Justice Department and federal regulatory agencies. Bank of America alone accounts for $56 billion of the total and JPMorgan Chase another $28 billion. Fourteen banks have each accumulated penalty amounts (both fines and settlements) in excess of $1 billion, and five of those are in excess of $10 billion.


By Stephen Dockery, October 27, 2015

The oil and gas, pharmaceutical and utility sectors top the list of a new corporate misconduct database that tracks U.S. environmental, health and safety violations of parent and subsidiary companies.