Violation Tracker Offense Groups

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Violation Tracker Offense Groups

Each entry in Violation Tracker is tagged with one of more than 90 primary offense types, and some also have secondary offense types. We divide those offense types into eight broader groups, with the rest put in a miscellaneous group. Users may view summary pages for the various offense groups (as well as the primary offense types) and can use the groups in formulating searches. Below are the groups and the offense types included in each. 

Competition-related Offenses

agribusiness violation, energy market manipulation, energy market violation, export control violation, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, foreign exchange market manipulation, fraud, interest rate benchmark manipulation, kickbacks and bribery, maritime violation, price-fixing or anti-competitive practices, theft of trade secrets, trade violations

Consumer-protection-related Offenses

Americans with Disabilities Act, aviation consumer protection violation, consumer protection violation, discriminatory practices (non-employment), housing code violation, insurance violation, mortgage abuses, payday lending violation, privacy violation, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, telecommunications violation, utility service violation

Employment-related Offenses

benefit plan administrator violation, child labor or youth employment violation, employment discrimination, employment screening violation, Fair Credit Reporting Act violation, Family and Medical Leave Act, labor relations violation, wage and hour violation, work visa violations, workplace whistleblower retaliation

Environment-related Offenses

energy conservation violation, environmental violation, fuel economy (CAFE) violation, offshore drilling violation

Financial Offenses

accounting fraud or deficiencies, anti-money-laundering deficiencies, banking violation, bankruptcy professional violation, economic sanction violation, insider trading, investor protection violation, tax violations, toxic securities abuses

Government-contracting-related Offenses

False Claims Act and related, federal leasing royalty violation

Healthcare-related Offenses

Controlled Substances Act violation, HHS civil monetary penalties, Medicare Coverage Gap Discount Program violation, Medicare Parts C and D Enforcement Action, off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products

Safety-related Offenses

aviation safety violation, Clery Act campus security reporting violation, drug or medical equipment safety violation, food safety violation, mining violation, motor vehicle safety violation, nuclear safety violation, nursing home violation, product safety violation, railroad safety violation, tobacco litigation, utility safety violation, workplace safety or health violation

Miscellaneous Offenses

campaign finance violation, casino violation, civil contempt, data submission deficiencies, illegal gambling business, illicit political contributions, misuse of classified data, obstruction of justice, payment to designated terrorist organization, utility administrative violation, zoning violation