Grand Theft Paycheck

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Grand Theft Paycheck: The Large Corporations Shortchanging Their Workers' Wages

by Philip Mattera with a chapter on policy recommendations by Adam Shah
June 2018
published by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First and Jobs With Justice Education Fund


A detailed analysis of court records concerning wage and hour lawsuits as well as federal and selected state enforcement data shows that a wide range of large corporations have paid out billions of dollars in wage theft settlements, verdicts and fines. 

full report (revised)

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Spreadsheet version of Appendix A: Parent companies with $1 million or more in wage theft penalties

Spreadsheet version of Appendix B: 100 largest wage theft lawsuit settlements or verdicts

Spreadsheet version of Appendix C: Wage theft lawsuits with confidential settlements

Spreadsheet list of all lawsuits and enforcement actions analyzed in the report

The data can also be found in Violation Tracker


CORRECTION: It was brought to our attention after the publication of the report that Farmers Insurance Exchange (as opposed to Farmers Insurance Group) is not a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance. We thus had to change Zurich's penalty and treat Farmers Insurance Exchange as a separate parent company. Those changes have been made in the revised version of the report now linked above as well as in the spreadsheets and in Violation Tracker.